Ideal roommates



I'm currently looking into moving out of home and wanting to look for a place to live. I was thinking of moving out on my own but decided that maybe a roommate would be better.

I'm choosing to live with a girl for a few reasons. One I tend to get along better with girls than guys. and tend to like their company more. I'd also prefer a girl so there isn't any of that drama of two guys liking the same girl.

As per the kind of person I'd like to live with, someone who is a clean person. Not saying if you leave something on the counter overnight I'll freak out. If it's messy for a few days I'll be fine it's just when you can't find anything and have little room to move.

I would also like to find a laid back person. Not someone who stresses over everything. I mean we all have stress but there is only so much I can take. Constant complaining is a no no.

Right now I'm just doing reasearch into moving out. So don't take my words above as OMG that is my room mate yay. I'm not planning on moving out for a few months yet. Not saying if I find the perfect person to move in with I'll let it slide but most likely unless your willing to wait till I'm ready I'll have to decline. But hit me up anyways

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Posted on 31 May 2022