Ideal roommates

Happy to live with anyone


Hi, I’m Carlos. Im 31 years old.

I have already studied in different cities such as London, Toronto and Lyon, France, in some of them I have rented rooms from websites like this one and in others I have rented with companies, in both I have had good experiences. In this 2022 I will now study in Montreal for more than 1 year so I will be studying in Montreal for more than 1 year.

I am a relaxed person who likes respect. I like to go out and live with people, I have lived with several roomies, even very older than me. I don’t mind my roomies partying and making noise from time to time but not very often, as I like to sleep well and be rested. Usually if a party or event is organized in the apartment I join the party. I like things to be spoken clearly as I like to live well, life is already too hard to create a storm in my own room, however, I don’t hide problems either, as I will always prefer to talk about them rather than wait for them to explode.

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Posted on 19 June 2022