Ideal roommates

Happy to live with anyone


Hello, I am Morgana, a student from BC accepted into Carleton Journalism for September 2019. I am looking for a/some roomate(s) of any gender, but first choice being female because my mother will worry less. I do not smoke, but do not care if you do as long as it does not upset the landlord because I do not feel like getting evicted. I do not drive, so I am looking for a place walking/ biking distance away, or somewhere will consistent public transit that goes late in the evening. I am very serious about my currently nonexistent career, doing right by people and paying my bills on time but either than that I am a total hippie, and will be pretty chill when we interact. I want to live off campus because I like my space and independence and I would like to live at a comparatively lower cost.

Listing ID: L19021201544500

Posted on 12 February 2019