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Happy to live with anyone


I am looking for a room/Studio/Bachelor in or near Toronto downtown. The details are as follows:

Price range: I am willing to pay approx $1100-$1300 for a place. Looking for place that has hydro, utilities and internet included. Can extend the budget a bit if the place is really worth it.

Location: As close as possible to downtown (Union station) preferred.

Type of space: 1 need + 1 bedroom. Attached bathroom is preferable. A studio/bachelor will also work. I can extend the budget for a good room with an attached bathroom.

Lease terms: Negotiable. Minimum lease of 6 months would work. The longer the better.

Accessibility: None.

Other relevant information you may choose to include, including but not limited to:

I am a Canadian Permanent Resident living in Toronto Since May 2019. I will graduate from the Schulich MBA program in December 2019.

1. Since coming to Canada I have only lived at the York university student housing.

2. I am an Ex-investment banker.

3. I currently don't have a job. I am searching for one. Hope to find one soon.

4. I have good credit history for 6 months in Canada

5. Will prefer condos with gyms in the building.

6. I can move in from 15th December 2019

7. I am single.

Please let me know if you require more info.

Thank you.

Listing ID: L19110819186380

Posted on 8 November 2019