About the room

  • House
  • 3 bedrooms total
  • 2 bedrooms available (Single Room)
  • 3 bathrooms
  • 3 months minimum stay
  • Available now
  • Furnished
  • Garden
  • TV
  • Wifi

Who lives there

1 female, student, outside smokers only

Ideal roommates

Everyone welcome

Room description

Hi Welcome to Canada. We have rooms available for you. We have been hosting international students for almost 10 yrs now. Most of these students are studying in Downtown Toronto and sorrounding areas in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Students loved our homestay and often stayed with us until they finish their school. So perhaps we know how to take care of our international students. Most our international students are from Asia, Europe and South America & Middle East.

If you are interested:

call me

We are at the prime location. Very close to practically every school in Toronto. About 5-10 mins to a major Subway downtown. TTC transit "Bus stop" is just a step away. It's right there in front of the house to take you to the nearest subway (about 5-10 minutes to subway).

We are nearby large grocery stores (Freshco, Nofrils), Banks(CIBC bank, Scotia Bank), Restaurants(Kentucky Fried chicken, Shawarma store), Coffee shop( Starbucks, Tim Horton's), and fast food chain( Pizza Pizza, etc.).

We are offering you a decent environment, very clean, friendly and safe complete with all amenities. You have options to choose which soothes your budget. You can choose to stay at the main floor or choose the cheaper or affordable room at the lower level. I said "Lower Level" because its not really "Basement" as you might assume it was.

Your parents are sacrificing much much money for your education and they want you to be happy and most importantly SAFE!!! and that is what i am doing for you and your parents sake. Affordable yet clean and very decent rooms.

It's hard to be far away from home. AND I want you to feel safe and comfortable like home so you can concentrate and focus only on your studies.

We are the homestay who cares for the students and not just focus on money making and taking the students for granted even jeopardizing their health just for the money.

The house is new. All wood and no carpeting. So allergy is eliminated.

Some homestay will promise you everything including meals for free and once you took the bait, booked and arrive in their homestay it's already too late. The house is dirty. And the smell of molds are everywhere.

A piece of advise. BEWARE of a homestay that offers rooms that are so cheap in prices. You could get either bed bugs or molds which is detrimental to your health. Hopitalization in Canada is very expensive. Remember the saying "Too good to be true?".

We don't do that. You get the room for what you paid for. We have no history of bed bugs and we never had a bed bugs. We offer only Clean and healthy environment. Thats why we never had a vacant room. Most of the time we got the students from recommendation from previous students and families.

Look for a homestay that offer pictures. And you should ask if the pictures is exactly the same room you are getting.

Also this time is winter time. Very cold outside. Our homestay is at the front of a TTC transit bus stop. You should consider that too.

We have categories of room to choose

1. $999 --------- can cook

2. $1,200 ------ with meals

All prices are negotiable and case to case based on the students needs and budget.

We can always help with your budget.

Complete amenities inside your room:

•A flat screen TV with Cable views -- free

•Wifi Internet (unlimited) -- free

•New computer desk with lamp - included

•Huge Drawer - included

•Free (no extra fees) - Laundry soap, dishwashing soap, washroom tissues.


•Airport pick up is available. (Minimum charge)

Yes we can even pick you up at the Airport for a minimum charge. That's how we treat our student. Like a family. Because we know its hard -- especially if you are new in the country and need to save your money as much as possible. But most importantly is your safety. We will take care of you as your 2nd family here in Canada.

Take care and God bless.

We are proud to send some pictures of your room if you want to see it. Just tell me which email to sent it to.

And...Don't worry.... we will help you with your budget. So call me as soon as possible because many international students are now inquiring about the availability this spring up to the summer time.

We have 3 homestay locations all close to subway stations and major 24 hour Toronto Transit bus routes.

Regards and take care.


PS. Remember to contact me back on this website and thru WhatsApp number so I can send some pictures of your room. Take care.

Listing ID: H180513122724483

Posted on 28 September 2023